ADAM AT 6 A.M. (1970)
Robert Scheerer/100 minutes/Color

Underrated film about a college professor from California who spends a summer in Missouri working as a laborer, where he is faced with considerable hate from hippies who were there first. With Michael Douglas, Lee Purcell, Joe Don Baker, Louise Latham, Grayson Hall

Kristen McGary/98 minutes/Color

This classic family film set in 1898, stars Keith Carradine as Papa Nash, Mare Winningham as Aunt Mamie Nash and introduces Skyler Day in the title role.

A precocious nine-year old Ociee Nash is living the carefree life of a tomboy in Mississippi, being raised by her widowed father and two older brothers. When Ociee’s adventures lead to a chance meeting with a gypsy, her father decides it’s time for his daughter to have a “proper unbringing to learn the ways of a lady.” Ociee is uprooted from the Deep South via a train ride to Asheville, North Carolina where her Aunt Mamie, runs a tight ship. Her trek to a new life is only the beginning for Ociee Nash, as she learns that being oneself isn’t always the easiest but it is the most rewarding. Parents Television Council calls it a “great film with positive message and family appeal”. One critic says to “…take the time, take your family, and go see the first G-rated movie to come out in a long time. Ociee reaffirms American family values with perfect style”.

Website Link: Ociee.com

Annie DeSalvo/91 minutes/Color

This is a warmhearted, engaging story of a family of four very different sisters who have in common the unity of their family. When Dolly, the matriarch (Cloris Leachman) is tragically widowed, the sisters rally to help her cope and, in the process, begin to understand what’s missing in their own lives. The lessons learned, through good times and bad, affect the entire family. Cast also includes Mercedes Reuhl, Lee Grant, Paul Sorvino and Sean Young.

Rick Rosenthal/105 minutes/Color

A comedy-adventure about an American housewife who enters a contest to write a romantic thriller and wins a trip to Paris. After hitting her head and coming to believe that she is a character in a novel, she becomes involved in a real world of spies, falls in love and has many adventures both fictional and real. With Jobeth Williams, Tom Conti, Giancarlo Giannini

ANIMALS WITH THE TOLLKEEPER (1998) – Never Released, Now Available
Michael Di Jiacomo/100 min/B&W and Color

Praised as intelligent, sensitive, wise, artistic, funny & weird, Animals captures the story of three wayward souls guiding one man’s search for happiness and love. An all star cast includes John Turturro, Rod Steiger, Tim Roth, Mili Avital and Mickey Rooney as the Toll Keeper.

“This is one of the most visually stunning independent films I have ever seen…Animals is the kind of ‘dadaist’ storytelling that represents what independence is all about”, says Geoff Gilmore of the Sundance Film Festival. The L.A. Times claims “Mr. Di Jiacomo is a rarity, a filmmaker who shows a fully developed visual and literary sensibility.” Tim Roth told Sight and Sound Magazine: “[Animals] is very poetic, very beautiful…it just goes to show that there are people out there trying to make these kinds of movies. We’re just vastly outnumbered.”

During its full run at film festivals throughout the world, compassionate fans, including Roman Polanski, Jeremy Irons and Gilles Jacob of the Cannes Film Festival had high hopes for this film. Along with multiple nominations everywhere, Animals was awarded for Best Director at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain, while taking a Jury Prize in Japan. However, by no fault of its own, this award-winning gem was never released due to delays caused by a chain of title issues.

Available to premiere with U.S. and Canadian audiences. Inquire about theatrical bookings, licensing of theatrical, home video and television rights.


Romantic Comedy
Stuart Rosenberg/95 minutes/Color

A bored stockbroker falls in love with a beautiful woman who turns out to be married to his boss. A Classic! With Jack Lemmon, Catherine Deneuve, Peter Lawford, Sally Kellerman, Harvey Korman, Myrna Loy, Charles Boyer

Teen Comedy
Savage Steve Holland/98 minutes/Color


In this comedic look at teenage love, Lane, a high school student with an overactive imagination goes to great lengths to win back his girl. Lots of funny and original gags including the terrific "HamburgerVideo". With John Cusack, David Ogden Stiers, Kim Darby, Demian Slade, Scooter Stevens

BIG JAKE (1971)
George Sherman/110 minutes/Color

An elderly cattleman goes after outlaws who have kidnapped his grandson. With John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Richard Boone, Bobby Vinton.


Bill Melendez/80 minutes/Color

When the whole peanuts gang enters a nationa lspelling bee in NYC, Charlie Brown makes it to the final round with one other contestant. This is the feature film debut for Charles Schulz's popular comicstrip characters. A family favorite for all generations.

William Friedken/119 minute /Color

Excellent filmization of Matt Crowley's landmark play about nine men at a birthday party: eight are gay, the ninth insists he's not. Often hilarious, frequently sad, but always thought provoking and sensationally acted by the original stage cast. This is a rare case where a single, claustrophobic set is actually an asset. With Cliff Gorman, Laurence Luckenbill, Ken Nelson, Peter White, Leonard Frey

Mike Valerio/90minutes/Color

Offbeat contemporary comedy, in the spirit of My Big Fat Greek Wedding which centers on the memorial service of Italian-American patriarch Carlo Torello (Martin Landau) and the effect his death has on his colorful, if not dysfunctional family. As the clan gathers to pay respects, old wounds, grudges and vendettas arise to the surface, despite the efforts of Rosie, the eldest daughter (Oscar Winner, Rita Moreno) to keep the peace…a heartwarming story of how one large family manages to survive – in spite of itself! Also stars Helen Slater, Michael Chicklis and Theresa Saldana.

Bob Willems/87 minutes/Color

Dreams in the Attic is a family drama featuring Jessica, a typical teen who wants to be popular like her best friend Nicole – at any cost. Though she thinks her job at Aunt Nellie’s (Shelley Duvall) costume shop stifles her non-existent social life, it pleases her mother, Sharon (Mary McDonough). Unbeknownst to Nellie, Jessica discovers strange customers in a secret attic above the costume shop that can change the attitudes and morals of anyone Jessica chooses. The costumes possess the power to transport who ever wears them to a different life, time and place. When Jessica wears an old letterman jacket, she finds herself in a 50’s soda fountain! Can she help her friend Kyle, who is too quick to judge others? Can she convince Nicole that the mystical attic even exists?

When Jessica’s brother Joel doesn’t return from his attic adventure, Jessica reluctantly solicits the aid of her aunt to rescue him. Aunt Nellie, who is aware of Jessica’s exploits in the attic, wisely warns: “one must be careful of their ‘Dreams in the Attic’…someday, they might come true!”

Haylie Duff, (Napoleon Dynamite), sister of Hillary Duff and Nickolodeon Kid’s Choice Award Winner 2002, puts on a convincing performance as the teen age drama queen but shows the audience a sweet side and good message that make this an ideal kid’s flick.

EleniELENI (1985)
Peter Yates/117 minute /Color

Set in Greece and U.S. during the 30's to present, a political thriller based on Nicholas Gage's bestseller about an American journalist investigating the trial and death of his mother at the hands of Greek communists. With Kate Nelligan, Linda Hunt, John Malkovich

Eric Hannah /94 minutes/Color

A road flick which chronicles the adventures of five high school graduates as they cross the country in search of extreme adventure and some answers to life’s hardest questions. The death of a cherished grandfather sets the five on their journey in a jam-packed “joyota” and the trip unfolds in a series of raucous pranks, silliness and occasionally sappy drama. It’s a rare film that has a sense of humor about itself, while delivering an easy-to-take moral message about God, friendship, life and death.

Features extreme surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding with soundtracks from Toby Mac, Audio Adrenaline, P.O.D. and The Newsboys. Extreme Days offers a reprieve from an over-sexed teen flicks of today, often applauded for providing a fun family-safe alternative in the movie marketplace.

Finders KeepersFINDERS KEEPERS (1984)
Richard Lester/96minutes/Color

A suspense comedy set in Oakland where two screwballs load a coffin containing $5 million in loot aboard a train bound for NYC. Aboard the train a cast of characters threatens to expose this cross-country flight. With Michael O'Keefe, Beverly D'Angelo, David Wayne, Brian Dennehy

Fine Pair, AA FINE PAIR (1969)
Romantic Comedy
Francesco Maselli/CBS/89 minutes/Color

Hudson, a NYC policeman falls for Cardinale, daughter of an old pal, and helps her rob some jewels. With Rock Hudson, Claudia Cardinale, Thomas Milian, Leon Askin, Ellen Corby


Ate de Jong/97 minutes/Color

Erotic thriller of three people – a married couple and their best friend, are traveling along the isolated roads of a mountain range. Slowly a dense fog begins to take shape, covering everything in its path until it reaches the road and envelopes the group’s vehicle. As the loneliness of the three intensifies, the atmosphere grows dangerously volatile. They turn to aggravation, accusation and confession; even revelation of the husband’s strange flashbacks to his former life as French aristocrat on a sadistic bent. The next morning, when the fog finally lifts, one of the three is dead…Cast includes Luke Perry, Ben Daniels and Orla Brady. Set up like one of Bertolt Brecht's stage plays, Fogbound is offbeat stuff, often compared to Polanski’s Knife in the Water.

GrandviewGRANDVIEW U.S.A. (1984)
Teen Drama
Randal Kleiser/97 minutes/Color

Three small town dreamers head on a collision course with sex, love and responsibility. Curtis runs Grandview's demolition derby after her father's death. She is courted by two men, one whose father wants to turn the speedrome land into a country club, the other who is a derby combat veteran whose marriage is on the rocks. With Jamie Lee Curtis, C. Thomas Howell, Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Hail HeroHAIL HERO (1969)
David Mille /97 minutes/Color

A young hippie confronts his family as he sorts out his feelings about the Vietnam War. This film is notable for being Douglas' motion picture debut. With Michael Douglas, Arthur Kennedy, Teresa Wright.

Peter Fonda/90 minutes/Color/

Coming off the success of Easy Rider, Peter Fonda made his directorial debut with The Hired Hand: a story of a cowboy who returns home to the wife and daughter he abandoned seven years earlier. This graceful film is a complex study of human relationships and disillusionment with the American way of life at that time. Newly cut and restored, this cult-fave Western continues to claim a special place in the hearts and minds of its most passionate admirers. Martin Scorcese personally selected Hired Hand for a recent revival screening at the first the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan. Clint Eastwood has acknowledged its “gritty realism” as a major influence behind his own Unforgiven. Though it originally opened over 30 years ago, today’s critics are naming it one of the decade’s best films, standing along side other classics like The Last Picture Show and Five Easy Pieces.

Film Noir
Curtis Harrington/83 minutes/Color

Cult Film Director Curtis Harrington’s The Killing Kind is an undiscovered classic. Oscar™ Nominee John Savage (The Deer Hunter, Thin Red Line) shines in an early role, which calls for him to present disturbing behavior ranging from his private fantasies, to brutal murders and the twisted relationship with his domineering mother, played by veteran actress Ann Sothern.

Harrington’s direction is taut, the murder scenes brutal and realistic in a non-exploitive sort of way. While What’s the Matter with Helen? may be Harrington’s most known film, Killing Kind is arguably far superior in many ways with some darkly humorous moments, and plenty of genuine suspense. As is the case in many of Harrington’s films there is a great and unexpected ending to this film noir. A very young Cindy Williams (American Graffiti, Laverne & Shirley) also gives a good performance in a supporting role.

LADY FOR A DAY (1933) – 4 Academy Award Nominations
Frank Capra/90 minutes/B&W

If you've only seen the inferior remake (also by director Frank Capra, who received an Oscar nomination for this one) called Pocketful of Miracles (1961, you won't want to miss this. May Robson's "Apple Annie" was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar, as was the picture and the story, adapted from the Damon Runyon story. Warren William is a gangster who must have Annie's blessing, an apple, before he makes any big decisions. But Annie, a poor street woman, has been corresponding with her daughter overseas telling her she's a high society lady while she funds her schooling. When the daughter decides to come home with rich suitor & his family in tow, William is bullied into helping his good luck charm out. He arranges for all his molls and thugs to pretend to be New York aristocracy, including Guy Kibbee (who gives an excellent performance as well). But, all doesn't go smoothly, hence the comedy! Other fine support given by Ned Sparks & Nat Pendleton among others.


Action Thriller
Jerzey Skolimowski/89 minutes/Color

A suspense thriller about the transformation of a son's contempt for his father when the father deals outrageously with three men who, having been rescued from the sea, terrorize the ship's crew. With Robert Duvall, Klaus Maria Brandauer

Arthur Penn/147 minutes/Color

In this epic film, a 121-year-old veteran of the old west recounts his life story from Indian to gunslinger, from a drunk to the only white survivor of Little Big Horn. With Dustin Hoffman, Faye Dunaway, Martin Balsam.

Elliot Silverstein/114 minutes/Color

In 1825, an English aristocrat gets captured by the Sioux Indians, undergoes torture to prove his worth and eventually becomes their leader. With Richard Harris and Judith Anderson

Monte WalshMONTE WALSH (1970)
William Fraker/97 minutes/Color

In this western adventure, two aging cowboys are finding the end of the Wild West hard to come to terms with; when one is shot by an old adversary; the other sets out on a last adventure to avenge his friend's death. Filled with richly drawn characters and magnificent photography. With Lee Marvin, Jeanne Moreau, Jack Palance


MY FAIR LADY (1964) - 8 Academy Awards
George Cukor/175 minutes/Color

Musical version of Pygmalion, about a flowergirl transformed by Professor Higgins to a regal lady. Eight Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director say it all about this motion picture jewel! With Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Stanley Holloway


Prime CutPRIME CUT (1972)
Action Thriller
Michael Ritchie/97 minute/Color

This well-made melodrama tells how a Kansas gangster incurs the wrath of his Chicago bosses, who then send a hired killer to eliminate him. With Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman


Mark Rydell/116 minutes/Color

Based on William Faulkner's book, this colorful piece of Americana, set in the turn of the century Mississippi, is about a hired hand who borrows the family car for a trip into Memphis with the grandson ofthe family and a black stable hand. With Steve McQueen, Will Geer, Michael Constantine


RIO LOBO (1970)
War Epic
Howard Hawks/114 minutes/Color

Set at the end of the Civil War, this western tells how a Union colonel goes to Rio Lobo to take revenge one of the traitors is in collusion with the town sheriff, trying to force a rancher to sell his land. Hawks' final film. With John Wayne, Jennifer O'Neill

SCROOGE (1970)
Ronald Neaume/117 minutes/Color

The perfect holiday entertainment for everyone, this musical adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic Christmas novel has a fine cast and was nominated for an Academy Award. Scrooge is a film for all ages. With Albert Finney, Alec Guiness, Edith Evans, Kenneth More

Something BigSOMETHING BIG (1971)
Andrew McLaglen/108 minutes/Color

This comedy western details a long-running feud between an outlaw and a cavalry colonel. With Dean Martin, Brian Keith, Honor Blackman, Carol White

Table for FiveTABLE FOR FIVE (1983)
Robert Lieberman/CBS/124 minutes/Color

A poignant story about the reconciliation between a father and his three children who are forced to deal with life and death while touring Europe. With Jon Voight, Marie Christine Barrault, Richard Crenna, Kevin Costner.

Melville Shavelson/105 minutes/Color

Based on material by James Thurber, thispleasant romantic comedy is about a half-blind cartoonist who marries a divorceeand is troubled by her ex-husband. With Jack Lemmon, Barbara Harris, Jason Robards.

Windy CityWINDY CITY (1984)
Armyan Bernstein/102 minutes/Color

A group of men who all belonged to a club called The Rogues in their teenage years, all come together over friend's death for one last unforgettable jag. With John Shea, Kate Capshaw, Josh Mostel.


Snoopy, Come Home

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